Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Recap of 2013 Relief Society Meetings!

RS Theme and Meeting Topics

“Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liketh him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” Matt 7:24-25

We are wise and building upon a strong foundation when we . . .

January . . . learn to love and feast upon the word of God.
·         Introduce the theme: Building A Strong Foundation
·         7uplifting habits to build a strong foundation mentally, spiritually, and physically
·         Set up a program of tracking habits of scripture study, exercise, and other ways to improve self. Sent email reminders and gave away gifts for winners 3 months later

February . . . manage the resources we have been blessed with showing discipline and gratitude.
·         Provident Living focus—Kimberly Kidman will lead the committee for this activity.
·         “Rolling In the Dough.”Financial planning, Budgeting, Wills, living trusts, estate
·         Had a price is right game with giveaways!
·         Had a bread making class prior to the activity for those interested
·         Had a speaker about budgeting Kimberly and one about estate planning Bro Hammel

March  . . . embrace VT as the very best sort of service/ RS Bday celebration
·         Kate McKinley planed the program with a video presentation, speakers, a poem shared
·         Craft to make a sleeve for our VT assignments, and food!
·         Feeling Raggedy about VT? And decorated with Raggedy Ann Dolls

April . . . leave behind emotional baggage that keeps us from being truly happy.
·         “Choose Joy” Gave overview of 100 Dresses book overview, collected donated dresses to woman’s shelter
·         Heard from therapist Jody Ebert about thinking differently with great handouts
·         Had a “speed discussion” of lots of questions about our EMOTIONS
·         Decorated with dress cut outs throughout the room

May  . . . serve each other joyfully.
·         Service Fiesta Auction, invited Laurels
·         Auctioneer
·         Had a silent auction/live auction with points given for service items
·         Established point system/claim certificates to bid on

 May—Mother’s Day “Thank you” Meeting during third hour

June--Stake RS Women’s Conference  “Let’s get Purse-onal”

 July . . . put aside excuses and find the motivation and means to become our best selves. (Provident Living)
·         5 Little Piggies: market, stayed home, roast beef, had none, we, we, we
·         Mini classes that rotated through, smart shopping, home décor, eating right/exercise, family fun/dating for free, French cream puff dessert.
·         Gave handout for each class and a pig loufa gift for teachers

August--RS Brunch for RS Board “Keeping it Simple”

August . . . fearlessly proclaim the gospel in our homes and to our neighbors.
·         Cultural activity and “Gospel around the world”
·         Food from all over, displays from sisters who have traveled/served
·         Two speakers highlighted their experiences
·         Shared a video about missionary work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm-fo5DD7I8

September . . . love and serve our husbands and families with all our hearts.
·         Favorite things exchange

October . . . Craft Night!
·         Focus on holiday gifts and decorative items, Fall-ow the yellow brick road!

November . . . reach out and serve in our communities.
·         Blankets for moms who lost babies/miscarriage at S&W.

December . . . celebrate together the birth and life of our Savior.
·         Beautiful Christmas program, invited nonmembers, music focused around nativity
·         Nativity display

**Note that most of these activities are posted on our blog. Each month has an invitation posting, and a recap posting. Just search for a date or keyword of the activity you want and it should pop up! Sorry they aren't hyperlinked to make your life easier. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Let Him In" Christmas Program--December RS Meeting

Wow! This December meeting was incredible!

We combined with our Temple 1st ward and Spanish Branch sisters, and also encouraged everyone to bring a friend.

We had over 120 people and the Spirit of Christmas was certainly there!

It took a lot of effort to set up everything. We had the place settings ready and plenty of room for everyone to gather. 

The cultural hall 

The food table and dessert table in the overflow. 
We asked sisters to bring soups, bread, salad and dessert.

Setting up the front nativity display.

Gorgeous nativity on the front stage.

Little baby Jesus welcoming sisters in the door.

Nativities displayed as centerpieces. 

We also set up a children's room in the primary for those who needed child care. 

There were lots of cute kids excited about Christmas!

Then it was time to begin!!

As the sisters arrived we welcomed them, and invited everyone to find a seat.

We dismissed tables a few at a time to enjoy the AMAZING food.

All of the sisters brought their best soups to share, and everyone was raving about the choices! 

Lots of time to talk and visit! 

Then it was time to start our lovely program.

It was full of music from "The Forgotten Carols" and highlighted each member of the nativity.
In between musical numbers, we had lovely narration from the Bible.


The program was lovely and certainly brought the Spirit.

There was a beautiful selection of numbers, with a powerful song "Let Him In" sung 
from the innkeeper's perspective.

We also ended the program with the beautiful video montage of the nativity.

After the program everyone was invited to take a "Let Him In" necklace and charm from our Christmas tree.

These gifts are amazing, and everyone felt special.

The pendants were engraved by this lady, and they turned out so well!

Throughout the night and after the program, everyone was welcomed into this glorious sanctuary.

It was a nativity display full of gorgeous collections from all over!!

Thanks to all who helped make this night so amazing!!!

For those who have requested a copy of the script, here it is in image form. 

I suggest copy-pasting the script into a Word doc or other platform.